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Step into a pair of our much loved sport or everyday socks and host your own fundraising event.
Either on or off the field, it’s a great way for schools, clubs and teams, or a workplace to come together and help raise funds to support families experiencing breast cancer.

With an estimated 53 people diagnosed with breast cancer each day, your support has never been more important.

Let us help you get started on your fundraising event today!

What kind of Pull On Your Socks fundraising event will you hold?

Pull On Your Socks with your team or club to support McGrath Foundation

Clubs & Teams

AFL, Rugby, Soccer, Netball, Hockey or Basketball, whatever your code – ‘Pink Up’ your game or club and host a fundraising event.

Raise money at school for breast care nurses by pulling on your socks


Make this year’s school fundraising event a Pull On Your Socks event – ‘Pink Up’ your entire school, year, or classroom and have a blast with the kids!

Get your workplace to pull on pink socks for breast cancer nurses


Office fundraising will be so easy when you and your colleagues Pull On Your Socks for the McGrath Foundation. Hold a morning tea or ‘Pink Up’ the office to come together in support of the breast cancer community.

Step into your new favourite pair!


Socks for Sports

Add a splash of pink to your game with the McGrath Foundation’s limited edition pink sports socks.

Socks are available for purchase in Adult (7-11), Youth (2-7) and Junior (13-3) for just $15 per pair or $12 for 20 or more. Orders over 100 or more can be invoiced.


Socks for Everyday

Step out in style with the McGrath Foundation’s pink every day socks for every personality.

Socks are available for purchase in adult size for $15 each or 3 for $35.?Orders over 100 or more can be invoiced.

Ready to jump straight in?

Already have a great idea for your own Pull On Your Socks event? Or know someone who is holding their own already?

Whatever you choose…we want you on our team!

Glenn McGrath's Getting Involved!


We’ve got it all – posters, logos, images and much more. Let’s ensure your Pull On Your Socks event is a huge success!


Share the fun of your Pull On Your Socks event on social media using the hashtag #PullOnYourSocks and you’ll pop up in our feed!


We’re here to help!

Registering your event is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3! But if you have any questions regarding Pull On Your Socks, your event, or anything else – don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team below.

Community Team

We’re here to help

02 8962 6100


The team here at the McGrath Foundation is here to support you every step of the way to make your fundraising as successful as possible, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Community Fundraising Team.

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